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If each penis enlargement company did what they said it then, believe me, we would all be huge! The sad truth is that most companies out there that do not improve your penis growth by even a millimeter. Luckily for you and I there are a few out there that do exactly as they claim to do.

Those who do not have to do exactly as they claim, are the ones that give the penis enlargement industry, its bad image. Not only do they cause your money from you, but they can also be severe pain, Peyronie ‘s disease, impotence (also permanent), skin rashes, split penises (literally), urinary incontinence and more…

I’m Mike, and because my natural misfortune (I was born with a small penis) I have almost every type of product available tempted when it comes to penis enlargement. By luck or persaverance I found a product that helped my penis enormous. But before I got there, there were many trials a tribulations along the way.

I have pills, patches, pumps, extenders, exercises used, and I almost tried weights (but you startled me!) I, that these implements of all:

1- can be very expensive penis enlargement. (I have spent on products and over $ 10,000)

-2- This is penis enlargement possible if you make sense and want real results.

If I. Across the huge sums of money that I I sometimes have the feeling that concerns about the industry as a whole But it is part of my journey, and because the end result that I have achieved, I do not regret it. My only wish is that I someone tells me exactly how I had to increase my penis size from the beginning. So this is my way to do that for you – my way to ensure that you do not waste piles of cash like me. And I hope that the end result be the same as me – a dramatically improved penis size.

The first thing I had ever tried a penis enlargement pill. I had no idea at that time that some of them out there you can do a lot more harm than good. The biggest effect I had from them was to make me want sex more, and I saw no gains in size. Scientists discovered that the pills can e coli, manure and Lead. They are also very expensive. While $ 50 per bottle does not sound like too much, a brand you use for 2 months, it noted not working and rather than stop with the pills you just switch to another brand. Some companies have multiple brands and make a fortune from the faith, and the faith you put the possibility of penis pills work.

After penis enlargement pills, penis extenders became very popular. The problem is that they all cost at least $ 300. Some cost $ 999 and I’ve seen one that cost $ 2495. The problem I have with penis extender – and I would have been happy to pay $ 2495 if certain results were – is that the results are not clear. In fact, penis extenders have found time and time again to fail . Not only that, they have not, but they can be very negative side effects; Peyronie ‘s disease, scarring, impotence, splitting of the penis, skin rashes and other side effects Extender make a pretty dangerous proposition.

These products claim that they cause a proliferation of the cells. They do it not self-evident. Oxygen, nutrients, and the human growth hormone to be done. Extenders, exercises and pumps have none of it.

Speaking of exercises, they are all the rage at the surface. The companies say they are safe because you to force any foreign body growth. But (used for the jelq) hand in this case is an alien object. If your penis grew during puberty occurred because the hand or because of natural biochemicals lead in your body that grow growth? Here are some important points about the enlargement exercises:

1 Assuming they work, a big assumption, it takes 5 years before you see a noticeable imporvement.

2, Jelq too much and too hard and you could be in serious danger of impotence and pain. (I suffered both at the hands – my hands – of jelq exercises.)

3, the same companies that undermines the science behind pills or extenders you sell jelq programs that also use that “science”, pills and extenders for sale in another brance of their business.

Here follow some advice for you, with what product you finally choose:

Pay attention to the images that they provide. If “before” and “after” photos differ in the zoom, angle, or whether underpants, or a hand in a photo and not the other way then that photo is manipulated.

If it looks like a man has a semi- erection in a photo, just soft in the other then trust your gut. There is no real penis enlargement.

If a product is physical (used or consumed) do not expect a refund if you break the seal of the packaging. It’s the oldest trick in the trade but you can not return a used penis extender after use by hygine.

If a product is entered only reviews and no audio / video then those who are tired. Who could of fake written testimony:

The fact that right now I faked (obviously!). But audio or video testimonials add authenticity of a product. I found a product that worked for me. It looks like your penis grew during puberty and of course there are so Biochemistry back in your body. It’s called The Penis Bible, and it might work for you. If you want to start penis enlargement, then I recommend you check it out…

Thank you for reading . Mike Holton is an expert in penis enlargement penis and overall health issues after. Useless lover a decade ago He changed his love life and life in general around and is consequently very knowledgeable in the field of health penis. He recommends

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